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About Us
There are significant aspects of Doctor Mary Fischer's practice which distinguishes hers from all the rest.
Dr. Fischer and her associate, Janel Lamp, D.C.H.-c, have spent over 28 years researching and studying techniques that aide people to eliminate their unhealthy behaviors and habits, empowering them to reach their greatest personal goals.
Out of their office in Stearns County, MN they work extensively with weight control, smoking, stress management, phobias, self-confidence, and many others issues.   Dr. Fischer  conducts over 60 seminars each year at government schools throughout Minnesota, along with many private corporations.  When individuals have issues too complex for group meetings, she provides the option for private consultations that have the reputation for transforming the lives of many of her clients.
Dr. Fischer specializes in Time Line Therapy, a form of Neuro-linguistic Programming, which includes and expands on the abilities of both Brief Therapy & Cognitive Therapy.  She has integrated these results orientated methodologies with traditional hypnosis.  The resulting synthesis of these methods have proved themselves to be revolutionary in the area of personal change and development.  
Dr. Mary Fischer holds a Doctoral degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy,  along with over five certifications in hypnotherapy, three certificates of proficiency in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a proficiency certificate in Time-line Therapy.  
We feel none of our competitors have anything close to the qualifications and experience of Dr. Fischer and her program.
Comparison to Competitors
First we ask you take notice that several of our competitors do  NOT even have a physical address or office with a phone that they work out of, instead using a Mail Box service.
In our weight loss & stop smoking seminars we have a full hour devoted to a motivational speech which; (1) prepares the participants conscious minds for greater success in hypnosis, (2) also acquainting the participants with hypnosis and what to expect both during and weeks after the session.  We've heard that other hypnotists often use this time to engage in the marketing of  "multi-level-marketing" schemes, WE DO NOT!     
We charge around $ 50.00 depending on the school we are at,  while our competition can charge as much as $ 70.00.
We offer a lifetime guarantee to future seminars, our competitors DO NOT.
The participants get a full hour of hypnosis, while our principle competitor provides less than 20 minutes.
We provide participants with a free self-hypnosis tape for re-enforcement, while our competitors charge as much as $20.00 for such a CD.
Perhaps the best indicator of our success is the percentage of participants who have referred their friends and family to us and the testimonials of returning students.  We have also, summarized information from years of government required evaluations of each classes success.  These tests often use a rating scale of  one-to-four or one-to-five.  We've converted these to a percentage for analysis.  Over a two year period of time, Dr. Mary Fischer has had an average rating of  98 % as a level of satisfaction..  In most cases this has been the highest ratings of any other prior class, in any subject offered by these institutions.