Each month we pull five new letters from our files
so they may share their testimonial with you.

Dear Dr. Fisher:

     I work at a large law firm in Minneapolis and since I have stopped
smoking others are shocked that I did it.  Anybody that knows me knows
I have been trying to quit for many, many years.   I was ready to quit
smoking but so tired of one failure after another.  Since I attended your
clinic, 7 of my friends have attended at various locations -- all with the
same success.  My friends and family were so impressed with my results
that several will be attending your upcoming weight loss clinic in
Forest Lake.  You have now had approximately 7 other employees of
the firm and 5 of them are NOT smoking.  That is pretty impressive!!
     Once a year we have a health fair and would like to include your
services.  I will get the details and your requirements the next time I see
you and pass the information along.

Thank you!  You have changed my life.  I'll see you next week.


Dear Dr. Fischer,
             I attended one of your Stop-Smoking seminars, and have not smoked since.  Because I have been smoking since I was eleven ( I'm now 36 ), I was really amazed how well your hypnosis works, as well as many of my classmates ( I am a nursing student ), and friends.  

Thank you,
Pamela T.


Dr. Fischer,
          Listening to the tape every day really made me feel good about myself & when I felt good about myself I was able to lose weight.  Before, whenever I felt bad or got upset, I would eat.  Now I rarely feel that way & when I do, I care about myself enough to not binge out.  Friends tell me my whole personality has changed, but actually I'm the same person I always was inside, it's just that person never got a chance to get out.  I was so unhappy with myself when I was fat.  I have lost 40 pounds and I'm still dropping.  

Thank you,
Cindy H.
Duluth, MN


I came to Mary Fischer May 15th clinic at the Sawmill and have quit smoking with the help of hypnosis.  I am now a believer in hypnosis and the positive thinking that goes with it.   Now I am hoping to lose weight with the help of hypnosis again.

Thank you,
Nancy K.
Grand Rapids,MN


I attended a smoking class with Mary Fischer, when I left after it was over I threw away my cigarettes and have been successful in staying off them ever since.  Sometimes I've been tempted but I just listen to the tape she gave us and the desire passes.

Donna M.
Plymouth, MN


       I want to thank you.  I had been a smoker for 23 years.  On Feb. 8th I attended your Stop Smoking seminar.  It has now been four months and I have not smoked.  I had no withdrawal symptoms and it has never bothered me to be around people who were smoking.  

Thank you again,
Pam P.
Grand Forks,ND