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Private Consultations
Through a personal interview you will have your hypnosis session customized especially for your needs.  Many of our clients have described their session as being a moment that forever changed their lives, allowing them to achieve some of their greatest desires.  It is now time to let go of those old issues which have held you back, so you may embrace the future you desire.  Even difficult issues can, and have been dealt with in a single session.  
Sessions can last 2 to 6 hours or more, so when possible allow sufficient time in your day when scheduling.
Stop Smoking is $150 in our St. Cloud / Waite Park office
All other sessions in our St. Cloud / Waite Park office are $150 to $500 depending on depth of issuse, and issue you are addressing.
Sessions in your area while we are traveling are $200 to $500 prepaid depending on depth of issue, and issue you are addressing.
Costs may also vary slightly depending on availability and location.