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Hazards of Aspartame
Low Thyroid Function
Dietary Options
General Fitness
Using Breath to Lose Weight
Home Gym Exercise Equipment
Dynamic Tension
Weight Loss
Common Diet Aides
Your Ideal Caloric Intake
Sleep and Weight Gain
Stress and Weight Gain

 Hazards of Aspartame
Artificial sweetner found in most diet sodas





 Proper thyroid function is essential for Weight Loss

Google > Health > Conditions and Diseases > Endocrine Disorders > Thyroid > Hypothyroid

Home > Health > Diseases and Conditions > Hypothyroidism

DMOZ: Health: Conditions and Diseases: Endocrine Disorders: Thyroid: Hypothyroid

About > Health & Fitness > Thyroid Disease

To test yourself for an underactive thyroid, keep a thermometer by your bed. When you wake each morning, place the thermometer under your arm and hold it there for 15 minutes. Be still and quiet. Any motion can upset the temp reading. A temp of 97.6 F or lower may indicate an underactive thyroid. Keep a log.

A low temperature may also indict a parasitic infection.  Parasites use a variety of defense mechanisms to disable our immune system in order to protect themselves in the body. One of these is to release substances into the blood stream which lowers body temperature. Many of the bodies enzymes only work at specific temperatures. (note: I am including all organisms not naturally occuring in the body, i.e. fungal infections, tape worms, etc.)
These items are known to suppress Thyroid Functions:

Fluoride & Sodium Fluoride: Fluoridated drinking water
                                                  Food contamination from pesticides
                                                  Toothpastes, Teas, etc.

Chlorine: also found in some tap water.

The lack of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) suppresses thyroid function

Mercury, which leaks out of Amalgam dental fillings
Brussels sprouts
Pine nuts
Mustard greens
Rape seed (Canola Oil)

All Soybean products:  Some Protein Supplements
                                         Many processed foods
                                         Soy Isoflavones
                                         etc. http://www.soyonlineservice.co.nz/

Iodine: while a small amount of iodine supports Thyroid function, too much will suppress Thyroid functions.

Dietary Options

Google > Health > Nutrition > Dietary Options > Low Carbohydrate

Yahoo > Health > Weight Issues > Weight Loss > Diets

Eat Right for Your Type

The Metabolic Typing Diet


Google > Health > Nutrition

Yahoo > Health > Nutrition

DMOZ : Health: Nutrition

About > Health & Fitness > Nutrition


Google > Health > Fitness

Yahoo > Health > Fitness

DMOZ : Health: Fitness

About > Health & Fitness > Exercise

iVillage diet & fitness

 Using Breath to Lose Weight

Life Lift



 Home Gym Exercise Equipment


Total Gym






 Dynamic Tension

Charles Atlas

Harry Wong

Yi Chin Ching


Web Aerobics



 Weight Loss

Google > Health > Weight Loss

Yahoo > Health > Weight Issues > Weight Loss

DMOZ : Health: Weight Loss

About > Health & Fitness > Weight Loss

Yahoo > Health > Mental Health > Stress Management


Helps in ways, too many to mention
helps to reduce appetite
helps to promote the stable blood sugar levels
helps to stimulate your metabolism
helps to block some of the carbohydrates
we consume from being absorbed
helps to correct and maintain the correct acid/alkaline (pH) balance of the gastro-intestinal tract
Chitosan helps to reduce absorption
of greasy fats (from hamburgers, mayo, fries) and starchy carbohydrates
helps to slow down the absorption of calories from fats and carbohydrates
-CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)-
helps to mobilise fat out of the body's fat cells and decrease the fat uptake
into those cells, while enhancing the body's ability to burn fat for energy
-Orange Bitter-
helps to increase the processing of calories after you eat, and may increase the rate at which you eliminate calories when you are not active by increasing your metabolic rate
helps to reduce the scavaging of needed calcium from your bones when dieting
-GTF* chromium-
helps to regulate and maintain sugar balance and energy
helps to boost thyroid function
helps by regulating and controlling blood sugar levels
Green Tea Extract
Helps to increase metabolism by increasing body temperature
Lipase helps to break down fat
Link to source for Lipase
-Relacore / CortiSlim-
helps to reduce overeating due to stress and to lower destructive cortisol levels
Link to Source for Relacore
-ZMA (zinc magnesium formula)\-
helps to offset the rise of cortisol in your body

Your Ideal Caloric Intake

About > Health & Fitness > Allergies > Ideal Body Weight

Yahoo > Health > Weight Issues > Body Mass Index

WARNING: The human body cannot lose more than 2 pounds of actual body FAT per week. The rest will be lost in muscle tissue, organ tissue and water weight. Losing muscle tissue is counter- productive. It will slow your metabolism and will cause you to be able to eat even less when your diet is over.

To lose weight at the rate generally recommended as safe by the American Medical Association (2 to 3 pounds per week for men and 1 to 2 pounds per week for women), follow the steps outlined below.
Mark the number of pounds you want to lose each week Line C _______.

For each pound of fat you want to lose, you will need to reduce your weekly intake by 3,500 calories. To find the proper calorie amount for your ideal weight loss program, reduce the number of calories in your diet appropriate for the number of pounds you plan on losing each week (Line C).
For example, if you want to lose 2 pounds a week, reduce your total weekly caloric intake by 7,000 calories (2 X 3,500 = 7,000).

Record the total number of calories you need to reduce from your weekly diet to reach your weekly weight loss goal (number of pounds X 3,500) on Line D ______ .

Divide this amount by 7 for the number of days in the week (i.e., 7 divided into 7,000 = 1,000 calories). This 1,000 calories equals the amount you must reduce per day from your current daily calorie intake to lose 2 pounds per week.

For example, if your ideal daily maintenance intake (from Line B, Part 2) is 2,250 calories, to achieve 2 pounds of weight loss per week, your reduced daily calorie intake would equal 1,250 calories.
Mark your correct weight loss intake on Line E _____.

You now know that to achieve a 2 pound per week loss of weight, you must limit your food intake to 1,275 calories a day or less while maintaining your current exercise level.

 Sleep and Weight Gain


Tri City Herald on Snoring

Health Scout News

 Stress and Weight Gain

Supplement Watch




Doctor's Guide

Health > Support Groups > Mental Health > Stress

About > Health & Fitness > Stress Management

DMOZ: Health: Support Groups: Mental Health: Stress


Enzymes are Critically needed for you body to function properly

How Body Temperature affects Enzymes
Wilson's Syndrome

How Blood PH affects Enzymes
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How Cooking destroys Enzymes

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